My interest in photography started in 1997 chronicling special moments with my family and documenting my children’s milestones using a point-and-shoot camera with 35mm film.  I would consume rolls of film and get rewarded with developed prints that capture the emotions and honesty of my subjects, my children most of all.

I purchased my first digital camera in 2003 and would take pictures of children, babies, and nature-insects and flowers in their natural environment.  To hone my craft further, I enrolled in photography classes and joined numerous workshops under experienced mentors to learn more than the basics of photography.

When a friend hired me to cover their wedding in 2005, this made me intensely immersed in photography.  From then on, I explored and created my own style, fueled by my passion for all things natural, candid, and beautiful.  I would enjoy traveling here and abroad taking creative snapshots while developing an eye for using natural illumination against artificial lighting with minimal digital photo enhancements.

Being an introspective type of person, I made my camera my ally.  I let my photos tell the story.  Every time I look through the lens, I am inspired by the idea that I am able to capture real stories and emotions as they unfold.